Quick Facts

Kings' Rest


  • The Golden Serpent – Kings' Rest has come under attack before. After a foolish troll tried to summon Hakkar the Soulflayer to this island many millennia ago, the priests of Zandalar created a mighty construct to defend this tomb. The Golden Serpent has stood against intruders ever since, judging who is worthy to enter these sacred halls.
  • Mchimba the Embalmer – There was once a caste of Zandalari whose purpose was to preserve and defend the remains of past rulers. But when a terrible plague of corrupted blood tore through the empire, it was too risky for mortals to handle the dead. Golems were summoned for the grim work of preservation and burial; they have been used ever since.
  • The Council of Tribes – There was once a time when no single emperor could rule Zandalar. After a period of civil war, the heads of three families formed an uneasy coalition and tried to rule the empire together. Though they did not often agree, there was peace in Zandalar. Briefly.
  • Dazar, The First King – Dazar. The founder and first King of Zandalar, who led an exodus of his people out of the muck and mire and built a city of gold. The first tamer of raptors. The warrior undefeated. The father of a kingdom. His eternal repose cut short by Zul's dark magic, it lies to you to once again put him to rest.