Quick Facts

Tol Dagor


  • The Sand Queen – Little is known about the monstrosity that lives in the sands surrounding the prison. No prisoners have ever survived an escape attempt, guards only finding discarded clothing and bones.
  • Jes Howlis – A vicious pirate of dubious loyalty, Jes Howlis was captured alongside his brother and locked away. After being released in a prison riot, Jes has since taken over as the de facto leader of the gang that controls the prison's lower levels.
  • Knight Captain Valyri – Knight Captain Valyri oversees the explosive munitions within Ashvane's armory. Unfortunately for her subordinates, her obsession with fire often creates hazardous working conditions.
  • Overseer Korgus – Warden to Tol Dagor, Overseer Korgus maintains the mighty island prison. His love of Azerite is widely known, even going so far as to infuse it into his bullets and test the results on his prisoners.


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