Quick Facts

Waycrest Manor


  • Heartsbane Triad – Among the first to give themselves over to the Heartsbane, these siblings have each mastered their own specialized form of magic. Now they seek to obtain greater power through wielding their focusing iris.
  • Soulbound Goliath – The Soulbound Goliath is an amalgamation of tortured souls from the Kul Tiran people it has devoured. Their tormented cries echo from within the monstrosity: a dirge for those foolish enough to cross its path.
  • Raal the Gluttonous – Raal the Gluttonous was once the main chef for the Waycrests. Now his kitchen is a chamber of horrors, where he has been serving portions of himself to the damned guests that haunt these halls.
  • Lord and Lady Waycrest – Stricken with grief due to her ailing husband, Lady Waycrest called out to any power that could save him. Gorak Tul answered her cry and promised that death would never part the couple, for a price.
  • Gorak Tul – Gorak Tul and his bloodthirsty Drust were first defeated by an ancient order of Kul Tiran soldiers two-thousand years ago. Trapped within the Blights Lands, Gorak Tul bided his time, waiting for an opportunity to exact his revenge. Now, Gorak Tul has corrupted Drustvar's seat of power and his new followers feverishly conspire to release him from prison.