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  • Ranjit – Ranjit has spent a lifetime honing his skill with the bladed chakram, and found that as his mastery of the traditional arakkoa weapon grew, he could shape the wind itself and wield it against his enemies. He now guards access to the inner sanctum of Skyreach, willing to die to protect the seat of arakkoa power atop the Spires.
  • Araknath – The high arakkoa of Skyreach closely observed the civilization of the draenei, taking a keen interest in the towering Vigilants that guard their cities and temples. The arakkoa set out to create their own superior version, powered by solar energy - an unwaveringly obedient engine of destruction.
  • Rukhran – This majestic bird, rumored to be the progeny of the arakkoa sun-god Rukhmar, soars through the skies above the Spires of Arak. Rukhran has an affinity for solar energy, and can absorb the sun's power and unleash it to incinerate any prey.
  • High Sage Viryx – High Sage Viryx has dedicated her rule wholly to harnessing Apexis artifacts in service of Rukhmar's will. At last, thanks to the completion of the massive crystal superweapon that focuses the sun's energy to destroy their enemies, it is time for the arakkoa to claim their rightful place as rulers of Draenor.


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