Quick Facts

Iron Docks


  • Fleshrender Nok'gar – This fierce Warsong warleader has risen rapidly through the ranks of the Iron Horde, and now commands a battalion of orcish soldiers. From atop his wolf Dreadfang, he surveys their drilling and preparation as they ready themselves to lead a naval assault on Shattrath.
  • Grimrail Enforcers – The Grimrail Enforcers are elite mercenaries in the employ of the Blackfuse Company, hired to protect the trains that run through Gorgrond. The trio consists of a Burning Blade swordsman, a goblin engineer, and a shaman who is versed in dark blood magic. The sole threads that bind them are greed and zeal for killing.
  • Oshir – Once a savage predator who prowled the Spires of Arak, feared and respected within his pride, the saberon Oshir fell into a Thunderlord snare and was brought to Gorgrond to be broken and trained as an Iron Horde combatant. Not a day passes that Oshir does not dream of tasting his captors' blood.
  • Skulloc – The mighty gronn Skulloc represents one of the great successes of the Iron Horde's subjugation of the giants of Gorgrond. Towering over the Grom'kar forces, and fitted with a pair of cannons that would feel at home on any ironclad warship, Skulloc stands ready to unleash destruction at the behest of his new masters.

Scenario: Gorgrond Finale

  • Stage 1 – Speak with Durotan
    Speak with Durotan.
  • Stage 2 – Get to the Machinehouse
    Escort your group northward, toward the Machinehouse.
  • Stage 3 – Goraluk Anvilcrack
    Slay Goraluk Anvilcrack, High Machinist of the Naval Base.
  • Stage 4 – Get to Supply Depot
    Get to the Supply Depot.
  • Stage 5 – Survive Iron Horde Onslaught
    Survive against waves of Iron Horde orcs. Use explosive barrels against them.
  • Stage 6 – Get to Central Dock
    Get to the Central Dock so you can board the Wavemurder Barge.
  • Stage 7 – Get on the Barge
    Speak with Rokk to get launched onto the Wavemurder Barge.
  • Final Stage – Destroy the Wavemurder Barge
    Destroy the Wavemurder Barge.


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