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The Everbloom


  • Witherbark – Deep within the lush forests of Gorgrond, Witherbark has seen countless cycles of life and death, decay and rebirth. The upstart "Iron Horde" and the strange beings that seem to have arrived in their wake are just a new skin on an old snake. They will be gone soon. And Witherbark will endure.
  • Ancient Protectors – Gola and Telu, a pair of botani forest-tenders, spread creeping growth as they urge the forest to reclaim and swallow the ill-fated outpost in its midst. Guarding them as they perform this task is the terrible brute Dulhu, long ago a Blackrock clansman who wandered too far into primal woodlands, but now more plant than orc.
  • Archmage Sol – Archmage Sol was among the last holdouts of the Kirin Tor expedition at Violet Bluff, but ultimately succumbed to spores that took root in her brain. Perhaps a portion of her humanity remains buried deep within, but she now lives as a prisoner in her own body.
  • Xeri'tac – This venomous spider matriarch guards her brood in a cave deep in the hills of Gorgrond, trapping and devouring any prey foolish enough to wander near.
  • Yalnu – Ancient and inscrutable, the genesaur Yalnu was drawn to the Kirin Tor outpost in Gorgrond by strange energies radiating from the bluff. For ages the genesaur have battled their eternal foes - the magnaron, the gronn, children of stone - to a stalemate across the world of Draenor. But in these emanations, Yalnu sensed a new world, where his kind could flourish and spread unchecked.


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