Quick Facts

The Oculus


  • Drakos the Interrogator – Those who have broken Malygos's law may find themselves under the claws of Drakos. After securing Keristrasza in the Nexus, Drakos returned to the Oculus to collect his newer prisoners, other drakes who ran afoul of Malygos. He makes no claims of rehabilitation and he uses no metaphors. His prisoners are here to be punished, and there is no escape.
  • Varos Cloudstrider – Varos Cloudstrider has coordinated brutal attacks against the Wyrmrest Accord since the beginning of the Nexus War. He was recalled to guard the Oculus, and he has already prepared his captains and drakes. Varos has also tapped the power coursing through the Oculus itself to bolster his defense.
  • Mage-Lord Urom – Urom has abandoned the Kirin Tor and pledged his loyalty to Malygos, who was more than happy to receive him. The turncoat mage is an invaluable asset for the blue dragons. He knows the Kirin Tor's strengths and weaknesses. He knows how they think. And he will use that knowledge to destroy them.
  • Ley-Guardian Eregos – Even heroes will tremble before Eregos, protector of the Oculus, defender of the ley line conduit, and executioner of interlopers. He will accomplish these tasks with the conviction of prophecy, securing the Spell-Weaver's utter dominion over all things arcane.