Quick Facts
Return to Atuik
Howling Fjord
  1. Hell Has Frozen Over...
  2. If Valgarde Falls...
  3. Rescuing the Rescuers
  4. Prisoners of Wyrmskull
  5. Into the World of Spirits
  6. The Human League
  7. The Path to Payback
  8. The Echo of Ymiron
  9. Zedd's Probably Dead
  10. And Then There Were Two...
  11. The Depths of Depravity
  12. The Ring of Judgment
  13. Stunning Defeat at the Ring
  14. Return to Valgarde
  15. The Explorers' League Outpost
  16. Locating the Mechanism
  17. Anguish of Nifflevar
  18. Dragonflayer Battle Plans
  19. To Westguard Keep!
  20. Meet Lieutenant Icehammer...
  21. Drop It then Rock It!
  22. Harpoon Master Yavus
  23. It Goes to 11...
  24. Let's Go Surfing Now
  25. Tools to Get the Job Done
  26. Out of My Element?
  27. We Can Rebuild It
  28. We Have the Technology
  29. Iron Rune Constructs and You: Rocket Jumping
  30. Iron Rune Constructs and You: Collecting Data
  31. Iron Rune Constructs and You: The Bluff
  32. Lightning Infused Relics
  33. The Delicate Sound of Thunder
  34. News From the East
  35. The Clutches of Evil
  36. Mage-Lieutenant Malister
  37. Two Wrongs...
  38. Report to Scout Knowles
  39. War is Hell
  40. Reports from the Field
  41. The Windrunner Fleet
  42. Ambushed!
  43. Guide Our Sights
  44. Landing the Killing Blow
  45. Report to Anselm
  46. Let Them Eat Crow
  47. Sniff Out the Enemy
  48. The Dragonskin Map
  49. The Offensive Begins
  50. A Lesson in Fear
  51. Baleheim Bodycount
  52. Baleheim Must Burn!
  53. The Ambush
  54. Adding Injury to Insult
  55. The New Plague
  56. Spiking the Mix
  57. Test at Sea
  58. New Agamand
  59. The Dead Rise!
  60. Elder Atuik and Kamagua
  61. Grezzix Spindlesnap
  62. Feeding the Survivors
  63. Street "Cred"
  64. Arming Kamagua
  65. "Scoodles"
  66. Forgotten Treasure
  67. Avenge Iskaal
  68. The Staff of Storm's Fury
  69. The Frozen Heart of Isuldof
  70. The Lost Shield of the Aesirites
  71. The Ancient Armor of the Kvaldir
  72. Gambling Debt
  73. The Fragrance of Money
  74. Mutiny on the Mercy
  75. Jack Likes His Drink
  76. A Traitor Among Us
  77. Sorlof's Booty
  78. Dead Man's Debt
  79. Zeh'gehn Sez
  80. The Shield of the Aesirites
  81. A Carver and a Croaker
  82. A Return to Resting
  83. "Crowleg" Dan
  84. Return to Atuik
  85. Meet Number Two
  86. The Jig is Up
  87. Mission: Eternal Flame
  88. Mission: Package Retrieval
  89. Mission: Forsaken Intel
  90. Absholutely... Thish Will Work!
  91. You Tell Him ...Hic!
  92. Mission: Plague This!
  93. Operation: Skornful Wrath
  94. Gruesome, But Necessary
  95. Burn Skorn, Burn!
  96. Towers of Certain Doom
  97. All Hail the Conqueror of Skorn!
  98. Dealing With Gjalerbron
  99. Of Keys and Cages
  100. Necro Overlord Mezhen
  101. In Service to the Light
  102. Sleeping Giants
  103. The Slumbering King
  104. Down to the Wire
  105. The Yeti Next Door
  106. I'll Try Anything!
  107. A Tailor-Made Formula
  108. Apply Heat and Stir
  109. Field Test
  110. Time for Cleanup
  111. Parts for the Job
  112. Warning: Some Assembly Required
  113. Mastering the Runes
  114. Suppressing the Elements
  115. Making the Horn
  116. Mimicking Nature's Call
  117. March of the Giants
  118. The Book of Runes
  119. The Lodestone
  120. Mastering the Runes
  121. Skorn Must Fall!
  122. Demolishing Megalith
  123. The Rune of Command
  124. Gruesome, But Necessary
  125. Burn Skorn, Burn!
  126. Towers of Certain Doom
  127. The Conqueror of Skorn!
  128. Dealing With Gjalerbron
  129. Of Keys and Cages
  130. Necro Overlord Mezhen
  131. The Walking Dead
  132. Sleeping Giants
  133. The Slumbering King
  134. Gjalerbron Attack Plans
  135. The Frost Wyrm and its Master
  136. The Artifacts of Steel Gate
  137. The Cleansing
  138. Spirits of the Ice
  139. The Fallen Sisters
  140. Wild Vines
  141. Spawn of the Twisted Glade
  142. Seeds of the Blacksouled Keepers
  143. Keeper Witherleaf
  144. The Book of Runes
  145. Mastering the Runes
  146. The Rune of Command
  147. March of the Giants
  148. The Lodestone
  149. Demolishing Megalith
  150. See to the Operations
  151. I've Got a Flying Machine!
  152. Gjalerbron Attack Plans
  153. The Frost Wyrm and its Master
  154. The Cleansing
  155. In Worg's Clothing
  156. Brother Betrayers
  157. Eyes of the Eagle
  158. Alpha Worg
  159. In Worg's Clothing
  160. Brother Betrayers
  161. Eyes of the Eagle
  162. Alpha Worg

Return to Atuik

Deliver the bad news to Elder Atuik at Kamagua.


Return to Elder Atuik at Kamagua. He and the rest of my people must be warned of this impending doom that approaches from the sea.

<Orfus shivers.>

Use the Ancient Lift to reach him. Please hurry!



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Horn of the Herald Mender of the Oncoming Dawn
Fury of the Encroaching Storm
You will also receive:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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