Quick Facts
Rifle the Bodies
  1. Into the Fold
  2. Blood Oath of the Horde
  3. Agmar's Hammer
  4. Victory Nears...
  5. Rifle the Bodies
  6. Prevent the Accord
  7. A Strange Device
  8. Projections and Plans
  9. The Focus on the Beach
  10. Atop the Woodlands
  11. Search Indu'le Village
  12. Let Nothing Go To Waste
  13. Slay Loguhn
  14. Spiritual Insight
  15. Elder Mana'loa
  16. Freedom for the Lingering
  17. Conversing With the Depths
  18. Through Fields of Flame
  19. The End of the Line
  20. Gaining an Audience
  21. Speak with your Ambassador
  22. Report to the Ruby Dragonshrine
  23. Heated Battle
  24. Return to the Earth
  25. Through Fields of Flame
  26. The Steward of Wyrmrest Temple
  27. Informing the Queen
  28. The Obsidian Dragonshrine
  29. No Place to Run
  30. No One to Save You
  31. The Best of Intentions
  32. Defiling the Defilers
  33. Culling the Damned
  34. Neltharion's Flame
  35. Tales of Destruction
  36. Cycle of Life
  37. The Plume of Alystros
  38. Seeds of the Lashers
  39. That Which Creates Can Also Destroy
  40. Mystery of the Infinite
  41. Mystery of the Infinite, Redux
  42. Marked for Death: High Cultist Zangus
  43. The Flesh-Bound Tome
  44. Koltira and the Language of Death
  45. In Service of Blood
  46. In Service of the Unholy
  47. In Service of Frost
  48. The Power to Destroy
  49. The Translated Tome
  50. Containing the Rot
  51. The Good Doctor...
  52. In Search of the Ruby Lilac
  53. Return to Soar
  54. Where the Wild Things Roam
  55. Strength of Icemist
  56. Chains of the Anub'ar
  57. Return of the High Chief
  58. All Hail Roanauk!
  59. The Might of the Horde
  60. Attack by Air!
  61. Blightbeasts be Damned!
  62. The Kor'kron Vanguard!
  63. Audience With The Dragon Queen
  64. Galakrond and the Scourge
  65. On Ruby Wings
  66. Return To Angrathar
  67. WANTED: The Scarlet Onslaught
  68. Blighted Last Rites
  69. Let Them Not Rise!
  70. Stealing from the Siegesmiths
  71. Need to Know
  72. The Spy in New Hearthglen
  73. No Mercy for the Captured
  74. Torture the Torturer
  75. Without a Prayer
  76. The Perfect Dissemblance
  77. The Rod of Compulsion
  78. The Denouncement
  79. A Fall From Grace
  80. The Truth Will Out
  81. Do Unto Others
  82. Nozzlerust Defense
  83. Stocking Up
  84. Shaved Ice
  85. Soft Packaging
  86. Something That Doesn't Melt
  87. Hard to Swallow
  88. Lumber Hack
  89. Harp on This!
  90. Slim Pickings
  91. Messy Business
  92. Stomping Grounds
  93. Apply This Twice A Day
  94. Worm Wrangler
  95. Really Big Worm

Rifle the Bodies

Find the Moonrest Gardens Plans and return them to the Image of Archmage Aethas Sunreaver at Agmar's Hammer.
Moonrest Gardens Plans (1)


The Moonrest Gardens to the southwest were the final resting place of a group of Highborne elves. It was also a ley line nexus.

The blue dragonflight used a magical device they call a surge needle to destroy that nexus, freeing the power to redirect at their will.

I want more information and you are going to get it for me!

After the land was destroyed at the ruins, the ghosts of the Highborne rose up and decimated half of the mage hunters there. Go rifle their corpses for clues.




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