One Traveler's Misfortune

Search the Abandoned Wreckage for supplies.
Search the Abandoned Wreckage for supplies
General Sho Lien slain


Did you have to throw our supplies at them?! Why not use your weapon? Maybe fancy spells or kicks? Why the supplies?!

Now we don't have enough to last us, especially with Nephew Bentnail here. His appetite is like a yeti's!

You threw it, you get us more. There is wreckage down the path. Maybe you will find supplies there.



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Waterfall Robe Mushan Hide Tunic
Dreaming Spirit Armor Serenity Chestguard
Mindbender Robe Silentleaf Tunic
Yak Herder Armor Summit Guardian Chestpiece
Wallwatcher Chestpiece
You will receive: 10 60


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 13,280 experience