Quick Facts

The Forge of Souls


  • Bronjahm – Bronjahm has served the Cult of the Damned from the early days. Kel'Thuzad himself taught Bronjahm the value of souls and how to grind them down to fuel the engines of the Scourge. He can corrupt the souls of his foes and tear them out piece by piece, making him the ideal guardian for the Lich King's Forge of Souls.
  • Devourer of Souls – The dark industries Bronjahm carries out in the Forge of Souls produce tortured, fragmented spirits. To prevent their escape, and use every scrap of the damned, the Lich King created the Devourer of Souls. The Devourer of Souls hunts and consumes the stray spirits, and slowly breaks them down within its terrible form. The consumed souls are driven mad with anguish and suffering, but the Devourer's hunger is never sated.