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Halls of Reflection


  • Falric – This champion of the Scourge was among the first death knights created by Arthas after claiming Frostmourne. Falric loyally followed his prince on a doomed campaign to Northrend only to be rewarded with betrayal by the prince he served faithfully all his life.
  • Marwyn – Marwyn had known Arthas all his life and saw him not just as his prince, but as a true friend. As Arthas sailed to Northrend, the knight followed him without hesitation. Though his friend would later plunge a cursed runeblade through his heart, Marwyn still felt it break upon seeing what the prince had become.
  • Escape from Arthas – Two leaders sought to defeat the Lich King in single combat, but quickly learned they were no match against the power of the one true king. Seeking to avoid their fate, they tried to flee from his sanctum. Arthas would savor every moment of their futile efforts. There was no escape from the inevitable.


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