Quick Facts
10.2.5 Pandaria Timewalking Season - Mainline 06 - Everyone - Dread Wastes
  1. Falling Down
  2. Nope
  3. Psycho Mantid
  4. Preserved in Amber
  5. Wakening Sickness
  6. Ancient Vengeance
  7. The Klaxxi Council
  8. The Dread Clutches
  9. Not Fit to Swarm
  10. Dead Zone
  11. Amber Arms
  12. A Source of Terrifying Power
  13. In Her Clutch
  14. The Dreadsworn
  15. Concentrated Fear
  16. Citizens of a New Empire
  17. A Cry From Darkness
  18. Extending Our Coverage
  19. Extending Our Coverage
  20. Crime and Punishment
  21. Crime and Punishment
  22. Better With Age
  23. Better With Age
  24. By the Sea, Nevermore
  25. By the Sea, Nevermore
  26. Reunited
  27. Feed or Be Eaten
  28. The Kunchong Whisperer
  29. Falling to Pieces
  30. Amber Is Life
  31. Feeding the Beast
  32. Living Amber
  33. Kypari Zar
  34. Relics of the Swarm
  35. The Root of the Problem
  36. Mazu's Breath
  37. Fresh Pots
  38. You Otter Know
  39. Meet the Cap'n
  40. Walking Dog
  41. Old Age and Treachery
  42. Dog Food
  43. On the Crab
  44. Shark Week
  45. Reeltime Strategy
  46. The Mariner's Revenge
  47. Mazu's Bounty
  48. The Heavens Hum With War
  49. Sacred Recipe
  50. Bound With Shade
  51. Daggers of the Great Ones
  52. I Bring Us Great Shame
  53. Rending Daggers
  54. Bound With Wood
  55. Wood and Shade
  56. Kor'thik Aggression
  57. Sunset Kings
  58. Fate of the Stormstouts
  59. Fate of the Stormstouts
  60. Evie Stormstout
  61. Han Stormstout
  62. The Horror Comes A-Rising
  63. Fiery Wings
  64. Incantations Fae and Primal
  65. Great Vessel of Salvation
  66. Promises of Gold
  67. Bind the Glamour
  68. Fires and Fears of Old
  69. Blood of Ancients
  70. Once in a Hundred Lifetimes
  71. Overthrone
  72. Skeer the Bloodseeker
  73. A Strange Appetite
  74. Fine Dining
  75. A Bloody Delight
  76. The Scent of Blood
  77. The Zan'thik Dig
  78. The Dissector Wakens
  79. Dropping Our Signal
  80. Corruption Runs Deep
  81. Damage Control
  82. Extracting Answers
  83. Beneath the Heart of Fear
  84. Venomous Intent
  85. Dark Wings, Dark Things
  86. A Shade of Dread
  87. The Poisoned Mind
  88. The Empress' Gambit
  89. The Wrath of Shek'zeer
  90. Shadow of the Empire

Amber Is Life

Kill 7 Mistblade Rippers and the Mistblade Scale-Lord.


Mistblade Ripper slain  (7) (1)
Mistblade Scale-Lord slain (1)


In order for our efforts against the mantid empire to continue, we require more amber.

There is a great deposit of amber underneath the lake to the south, but the area is inhabited by a savage saurok tribe.

I cannot spare anyone else. You must go to the lake and test the tribe's strength. Thin their numbers and eliminate their leader, who is probably hiding in his underground cavern.

Surely this is not too great a task for you?




You will receive:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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