Quick Facts

Walking Dog

Take Dog to visit the hot geysers, the whale corpse, and the wreck of the Mist-Hopper on the Shelf of Mazu.
Bring Dog to the Silt Vents (1)
Bring Dog to the Wreck of the Mist-Hopper (1)
Bring Dog to the Whale Corpse (1)
Provided item:
Dog's Whistle (1)


Dog ain't my "pet." He's a member of this crew, and my best friend. Saved my life more than once, you know.

But I'm gettin' too old to walk him anymore, and he still needs his exercise. Take Dog for a trip around the shelf for me, would ya?

He loves to swim through the hot geysers just southeast of the shallows.

He absolutely has to... er... "leave his mark" on the dead whale at the far western edge of the shelf.

Oh, and he'll want to visit our old shipwreck, too. He likes to reminisce.



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Motherseed Leggings Sapfly Legguards
Withered Wood Kilt Lucidity Legplates
Dreadspinner Trousers Ghost Fox Legguards
Wind-Reaver Leggings Bladesworn Legguards
Coldbite Legguards
You will receive:
Dog's Whistle


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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