Quick Facts
Banner of the Stonemaul
The Essence of Enmity
Dustwallow Marsh
  1. Traitors Among Us
  2. Propaganda War
  3. Discrediting the Deserters
  4. The End of the Deserters
  5. A Shambling Threat
  6. Darkmist Extermination
  8. Twilight of the Dawn Runner
  9. Theramore Spies
  10. Marsh Frog Legs
  11. Jarl Needs Eyes
  12. Jarl Needs a Blade
  13. Hungry as an Ogre!
  14. What's Haunting Witch Hill?
  15. The Witch's Bane
  16. Cleansing Witch Hill
  17. The Lost Report
  18. The Orc Report
  19. Captain Vimes
  20. This Old Lighthouse
  21. Thresher Oil
  22. Dastardly Denizens of the Deep
  23. Is it Real?
  24. Nat's Bargain
  25. Oh, It's Real
  26. Take Down Tethyr!
  27. Defias in Dustwallow?
  28. Renn McGill
  29. Secondhand Diving Gear
  30. Recover the Cargo!
  31. Jaina Must Know
  32. Survey Alcaz Island
  33. Proof of Treachery
  34. Return to Jaina
  35. Inspecting the Ruins
  36. Suspicious Hoofprints
  37. They Call Him Smiling Jim
  38. The Black Shield
  39. The Black Shield
  40. The Black Shield
  41. Lieutenant Paval Reethe
  42. Lieutenant Paval Reethe
  43. Daelin's Men
  44. The Deserters
  45. The Deserters
  46. A Grim Connection
  47. Confirming the Suspicion
  48. Arms of the Grimtotems
  49. Raptor Captor
  50. Unleash the Raptors
  51. Prisoners of the Grimtotems
  52. Tabetha's Assistance
  53. Raze Direhorn Post!
  54. Justice for the Hyals
  55. Peace at Last
  56. The Theramore Docks
  57. Inspecting the Ruins
  58. Suspicious Hoofprints
  59. The Black Shield
  60. Lieutenant Paval Reethe
  61. The Black Shield
  62. The Black Shield
  63. Talk to Ogron
  64. The Black Shield
  65. Questioning Reethe
  66. The Black Shield
  67. Return to Krog
  68. The Grimtotem Plot
  69. More than Coincidence
  70. Identifying the Brood
  71. Army of the Black Dragon
  72. Seek Out Tabetha
  73. Raze Direhorn Post!
  74. The Brood of Onyxia
  75. The Brood of Onyxia
  76. Justice Dispensed
  77. The Brood of Onyxia
  78. Challenge Overlord Mok'Morokk
  79. Bloodfen Feathers
  80. Banner of the Stonemaul
  81. The Essence of Enmity
  82. Spirits of Stonemaul Hold
  83. Challenge to the Black Flight

The Essence of Enmity

Bring 10 Black Dragonkin Essences to Brogg at Mudsprocket.
Black Dragonkin Essence (10)
Brogg's Totem (Provided) (1)


To make the totem Brogg will need for his ritual, he must use the essences of the creatures who killed his friends. The hate and anger of Brogg's enemies will fuel the magic of his vengeance.

Track down Firemane ash tails, scouts, or scalebanes and use Brogg's totem on their corpses. Only when the dragonkin die will they give up their essences.

The creatures you seek swarm over the Den of Flame to the northwest and the Stonemaul Ruins to the north.




You will receive:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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