Runes of Compulsion

Gavrock, at the Ruins of Tethys, wants you to neutralize the four Runes of Compulsion by defeating Overseer Durval, Overseer Korgan, Overseer Lochli, and Overseer Brunon.
Overseer Durval slain
Overseer Korgan slain
Overseer Lochli slain
Overseer Brunon slain


Even as Kurun attacks Thor Modan, the iron dwarves work their magics against our brothers. Summoning our brothers from the earth, then binding them with runes, the sons of iron force them to war against the children of stone.

Along the Eastwind Shore, they use runes of compulsion to send enslaved giants to the battlefields of the north.

Find the four runes of compulsion and force their overseers to appear by defeating the rune-weavers who man each rune. Without the overseers, the runes are useless.



You will receive: 5 90 (or 6 90 if completed at level 110)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 11,500 experience