Vial of Visions

Drakuru at Granite Springs wants you to bring him a Crystal Vial, a Waterweed Frond, and 3 Haze Leaves.
Crystal Vial
Haze Leaf (3)
Waterweed Frond


First things first, mon. There be some preparatory work that need doin'.

No tellin' how long dey gunna keep me here. Ya be needin' a powerful elixir so we can be keepin' in touch.

Lucky for you, I know just the thing! And the ingredients all be close by.

I need a vial from the pretty little troll over there, some waterweed from the lake just north of here, and a few haze leaves found around the camp here.

Hurry now, mon, before dey be haulin' me away.




Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 11,360 experience