Varedis Must Be Stopped

Larissa Sunstrike wants you to go to the ruins of Karabor and slay Alandien, Theras, Netharel and Varedis. Use the Book of Fel Names when Varedis uses Metamorphosis to weaken him. Return to Larissa Sunstrike with the Book of Fel Names after completing this task.

Completing quests for the Scryers will cause your Aldor reputation to decrease.
Varedis slain
Netharel slain
Theras slain
Alandien slain


Suggested players: 5
Provided item:
Book of Fel Names


Of course we must destroy this book, but not before we use it to destroy Varedis.

If we're to shut down this academy of Illidan imitators, we'll have to deal not just with Varedis but also the three night elf masters that assist him: Alandien, Theras and Netharel.

Gather a suitable force and return to the Ruins of Karabor. Follow Altruis's instructions for defeating Varedis. Hopefully his plan will work - otherwise... it'll have been a pleasure working with you.



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Ceremonial Kris Hauberk of Karabor
Slayer's Axe Summoner's Blade
Sunfury Legguards Wildcaller
You will receive: (or 9 75 if completed at level 110)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: