I Was A Lot Of Things...

Oronok Torn-heart at Oronok's Farm in Shadowmoon Valley wants you to recover 10 Shadowmoon Tubers from the Shattered Plains.

He also wants Oronok's Boar Whistle back when you're done.
Shadowmoon Tuber (10)
Oronok's Boar Whistle (Provided)


I've been a lot of things, stranger, but what I once was isn't what's important. What I am now is what matters and what I am now is a farmer.

I use trained felboars to dig up tubers from the hardened earth of the Shattered Plains. Recently, though, flayers from a nest to the northeast have been attacking my animals, preventing me from gathering tubers.

Would you go to the area north of here and gather tubers for me? Use this whistle while standing on a tuber mound and a boar will come dig one up!




You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Oronok's Tuber of Healing Oronok's Tuber of Agility
Oronok's Tuber of Strength Oronok's Tuber of Spell Power
You will receive: (or 30 if completed at level 110)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 10,820 experience