Quick Facts

Drak'Tharon Keep


  • Trollgore – The Drakkari were among the most vicious troll tribes and Trollgore was a paragon of the tribe's savagery. This hulking monstrosity discovered that his vaunted ferocity paled in comparison to the Lich King's and he now serves as a grisly warning to all that dare challenge Arthas' reign.
  • Novos the Summoner – Novos was ever the opportunist and sought a means to rise above his mundane peers. The cultist carved his heart from his body and presented the still beating organ to his master seconds before his death. His initiative impressed his master who in turn remade him into a lich.
  • King Dred – King Dred is a legend amongst the Drakkari. Stories tell of a troll hunting party locating a mighty beast that thrived in a habitat saturated with Scourge plague. The trolls tamed the devilsaur, believing that he alone held an antidote for the savage disease devastating their people.
  • The Prophet Tharon'ja – Not even the stolen powers of a loa could stay death's hand as the Scourge marched on Drak'Tharon Keep. Tharon'ja now prophesies only triumph for his new master as legions of trolls are slaughtered before the Lich King.