Quick Facts
Subject to Interpretation
Grizzly Hills
  1. Local Support
  2. Close the Deal
  3. A Tentative Pact
  4. An Exercise in Diplomacy
  5. Northern Hospitality
  6. Wolfsbane Root
  7. The Conqueror's Task
  8. Gray Worg Hides
  9. The Flamebinders' Secrets
  10. A Show of Strength
  11. The Thane of Voldrune
  12. A Minor Substitution
  13. Jun'ik's Coverup
  14. Delivery to Krenna
  15. My Enemy's Friend
  16. Filling the Cages
  17. Truce?
  18. Vial of Visions
  19. Subject to Interpretation
  20. Sacrifices Must be Made
  21. Heart of the Ancients
  22. My Heart is in Your Hands
  23. Voices From the Dust
  24. Test of Mettle
  25. Words of Warning
  26. Escape from Silverbrook
  27. A Swift Response
  28. Secrets of the Flamebinders
  29. Thinning the Ranks
  30. Descent into Darkness
  31. Report to Gryan Stoutmantle... Again
  32. Hollowstone Mine
  33. The Damaged Journal
  34. The Runic Keystone
  35. The Runic Prophecies
  36. Softening the Blow
  37. Brothers in Battle
  38. Uncovering the Tunnels
  39. The Fate of Orlond
  40. Steady as a Rock?
  41. Check Up on Raegar
  42. The Perfect Plan
  43. Why Fabricate When You Can Appropriate?
  44. We Have the Power
  45. ... Or Maybe We Don't
  46. The Iron Thane and His Anvil
  47. Blackout
  48. The Captive Prospectors
  49. Looking the Part
  50. Cultivating an Image
  51. Put on Your Best Face for Loken
  52. Souls at Unrest
  53. A Name from the Past
  54. Ruuna the Blind
  55. The Failed World Tree
  56. The Thane of Voldrune
  57. A Dark Influence
  58. A Possible Link
  59. Children of Ursoc
  60. Vordrassil's Sapling
  61. Vordrassil's Seeds
  62. Ursoc, the Bear God
  63. Attack on Silverbrook
  64. Mikhail's Journal
  65. Vordrassil's Fall
  66. Gorgonna
  67. The Darkness Beneath
  68. Tactical Clemency
  69. A Possible Link
  70. Ruuna the Blind
  71. Ruuna's Request
  72. Out of Body Experience
  73. Fate and Coincidence
  74. Anatoly Will Talk
  75. Sasha's Hunt
  76. A Sister's Pledge
  77. Hour of the Worg
  78. The Bear God's Offspring
  79. Nice to Meat You
  80. Therapy
  81. It Takes Guts....
  82. Dun-da-Dun-tah!
  83. Drak'aguul's Mallet
  84. See You on the Other Side
  85. Chill Out, Mon
  86. Jin'arrak's End
  87. Raining Down Destruction
  88. Rallying the Troops
  89. Into the Breach
  90. Gavrock
  91. Runes of Compulsion
  92. Latent Power
  93. Free at Last
  94. Destroy the Sapling
  95. Vordrassil's Seeds
  96. Ursoc, the Bear God
  97. The Conquest Pit: Bear Wrestling!
  98. The Conquest Pit: Mad Furbolg Fighting
  99. The Conquest Pit: Blood and Metal
  100. The Conquest Pit: Death Is Likely
  101. The Conquest Pit: Final Showdown
  102. An Intriguing Plan
  103. The Unexpected 'Guest'
  104. From the Ground Up
  105. We Have the Power
  106. ... Or Maybe We Don't
  107. Bringing Down the Iron Thane
  108. The Damaged Journal
  109. Deciphering the Journal
  110. The Runic Prophecies
  111. Pounding the Iron
  112. In the Name of Loken
  113. The Overseer's Shadow
  114. Cultivating an Image
  115. Loken's Orders

Subject to Interpretation

Drakuru wants you to get 5 Frozen Mojo from the Drakkari Trolls at the Ruins of Drak'Zin and then use the elixir at Drakuru's Brazier there.
Provided item:
Drakuru's Elixir (1)


A legendary set of artifacts, lost for thousands of years, were created to make Drak'Tharon Keep impervious.

Most think they be myth, but Drakuru knows better, mon!

I nearly discovered where one be, but got captured while interpreting hieroglyphs. Ya gotta summon my soul back dere so I can finish readin' em!

Use my elixir at da brazier on Drak'Zin Ruins, southwest of here. You'll hafta mix in da frozen mojo my bruddas be holdin'. I hate ta see my bruddas fall, but it be for the greater good.



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Ethereal Hood Drakuru's Ghastly Helm
Helm of Spirit Links Spiritforged Helm
You will receive:
Frozen Mojo


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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