Sending a Message

Commander Schnottz wants you to kill Captain Margun, Captain Cork, and Captain Kronkh
Captain Margun Killed
Captain Cork Killed
Captain Kronkh Killed


I haf eyes and ears in every corner of zhis region, <race>.

I haf heard of zhe murmurings zhat go on amonkst my troops. I haf been most tolerant of zhis pathetic behavior - until now!

I vill send zhe message to everyvone in my ranks, zhat dissension vill not be tolerated!

You are to exterminate zhe captains aboard my ships in dock. Zhey haf been amonk zhe most disgruntled.

Vhen zhis has been done, I vill monitor zhe communications and determine vhat to do next.




Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 12,600 experience