Mo' Better Shredder

Locate a Salvageable Shredder on the Twilight Shores, and use it to summon a Bilgewater Salvage Expert. Defend the shredder until it is operational again.


Salvageable Shredder Located


Salvageable Shredder Defended


<name>, I've got plans for a better shredder. But my engineers can't wade into a combat zone alone.

Go locate a salvageable shredder in the Twilight Shores, and use it to signal one of my salvage experts to join you. Defend the shredder while we make some "upgrades."

The Alliance won't know what hit them! At least, not until my marketing campaign kicks in!



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Mechano-Assembler Headguard Leggings of Shredded Protection
Shredder-Salvage Spaulders
You will receive: 9


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: