The Crone's Bargain

Lok'lira the Crone inside the Forlorn Mine wants you to retrieve the Runes of the Yrkvinn from Overseer Syra.
Runes of the Yrkvinn


Yes, it must be the green-skinned prisoner you're after... We might be able to help each other.

You're not going to get the goblin out of here by force. Not alive, anyway.

Among my people I am known as a Yrkvinn, a practitioner of illusions. As you can see, the Hyldnir have made me their prisoner.

If I had my runes, I could make you go unnoticed among them. Further inside, patrolling the mines, you'll find an overseer named Syra. She has my runes. Retrieve them and we'll talk some more.




Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 12,050 experience