Quick Facts

Halls of Stone


  • Krystallus – War isn't won by might alone; it is won by armies. This inherent truth inspired Loken to order the creation of loyal stone constructs to bolster his legions. Krystallus was chosen to oversee the operation and to crush any interloper that threatens its work.
  • Maiden of Grief – Loken commands the forces of Ulduar, but not all serve him willingly. The Maiden of Grief has been ordered to destroy any who try reclaiming the Halls of Stone. She mourns turning on former allies, but fulfills her orders with violent purpose. Even her sorrows have been forged into weapons.
  • Tribunal of Ages – Abedneum, Kaddrak, and Marnak make up the Tribunal of Ages, librarians for the titan discs that contain the ancient histories of Azeroth. The immobile constructs do not give up the titans' secrets easily, but adventurers such as the intrepid Brann Bronzebeard believe the reward is worth the risk.
  • Sjonnir the Ironshaper – While some resisted Loken's corruption, Sjonnir the Ironshaper was eager to turn the Forge of Wills to a darker purpose. He considers his new creations vastly superior to the earthen, and will unleash them on any who defy Loken's will.