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Sniper Shot


Spell Details

Duration 6 seconds
School Physical
Mechanic n/a
Dispel type n/a
GCD category Normal
Cost 40 Focus
Range 55 yards (Extended)
Cast time 3 seconds
Cooldown 10 seconds
GCD 1.5 seconds
Effect #1Damage From Max Health Pct
PVP Multiplier: 1
Effect #2Dummy
Value: 15
PVP Multiplier: 1
Server-side script
Effect #3Apply Aura: Modifies Range (5)
Value: 30%
PVP Multiplier: 1

Affected Spells:
Flare Steady Shot Arcane Shot
Death Chakram Wailing Arrow Wailing Arrow
Wailing Arrow Multi-Shot Concussive Shot
Aimed Shot Tranquilizing Shot Chimaera Shot
Kill Shot Binding Shot Barrage
A Murder of Crows Counter Shot Explosive Shot
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Scatter Shot Rapid Fire Multi-Shot
Volley Serpent Sting Kill Shot
Chimaera Shot Death Chakram Wailing Arrow
Sniper Shot Chimaeral Sting Resonating Arrow
Flayed Shot
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Effect #4Apply Aura: Modifies Radius (6)
Value: 30%
PVP Multiplier: 1

Affected Spells:
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  • Requires a ranged weapon
  • Is Ability
  • Cannot be used while shapeshifted
  • Discount Power On Miss
  • Do Not Reset Combat Timers
  • Initiate Combat Post-Cast (Enables Auto-Attack)
  • Cannot crit
  • Force Display Castbar
  • Do Not Auto Select Target with Initiates Combat
  • Aura Points On Client
  • Next modal spell requires same unit target
  • Do Not Log on Learn
  • Allow Class Ability Procs
  • Nameplate Personal Buffs/Debuffs