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Aspect of the Wild


Spell Details

Duration20 seconds
Dispel typen/a
GCD categoryNormal
Range100 yards (Vision)
Cast timeInstant
Cooldown2 minutes
GCD1.3 seconds
Effect #1Apply Aura: Modifies Critical Strike Chance (7)
Value: 10

Affected Spells:
Piercing Shot Butchery Stomp
Mongoose Bite Flanking Strike Serpent Sting
Serpent Sting Aimed Shot Multi-Shot
Raptor Strike Multi-Shot Bursting Shot
Carve Kill Command Arcane Shot
Kill Command Steady Shot Cobra Shot
Sniper Shot
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Effect #2Apply Aura: Periodically give power (Focus)
Value: 5 every 1 second
Effect #3Apply Aura: Modifies Global Cooldown (21)
Value: -200 milliseconds

Affected Spells:
Call Pet 5 Call Pet 3 Call Pet 1
Revive Pet Flare Call Pet 2
Call Pet 4 Spitting Cobra Hunter's Mark
Flanking Strike Steel Trap Explosive Shot
Mongoose Bite Barrage Chakrams
Piercing Shot Chimaera Shot Butchery
Dire Beast A Murder of Crows Serpent Sting
Multi-Shot Steady Shot Wing Clip
Concussive Shot Kill Command Arcane Shot
Kill Command Serpent Sting Barbed Shot
Aimed Shot Aspect of the Eagle Aspect of the Wild
Cobra Shot Coordinated Assault Tar Trap
Freezing Trap Wildfire Bomb Rapid Fire
Bestial Wrath Bursting Shot Intimidation
Carve Raptor Strike Harpoon
Multi-Shot Trueshot Hi-Explosive Trap
Viper Sting Scorpid Sting Spider Sting
Sniper Shot Dire Beast: Basilisk Dire Beast: Hawk
Mending Bandage Scatter Shot Tracker's Net
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Effect #4Apply Aura: Mod Melee & Ranged Crit %
Value: 10%
Effect #5Apply Aura: Periodically give power (Focus)
Value: 5 every 1 second