Quick Facts
Narkrall, The Drake-Tamer
Twilight Highlands
  1. Twilight Shores
  2. Twilight Shores
  3. Welcome to Highbank!
  4. Burnin' at Both Ends
  5. Aiming High
  6. Kurdran's Waitin'
  7. Salvage Operation
  8. Naga Reinforcements
  9. Our Boys on the Shore
  10. Shredderectomy
  11. Siege Tank Rescue
  12. Scouting the Shore
  13. Landgrab
  14. Bird Down! Bird Down!
  15. Roots'll Do 'Er
  16. Wings Over Highbank
  17. The Perfect Poultice
  18. Any Portal in a Storm
  19. The Way is Open
  20. Firebeard's Patrol
  21. Welcome Relief
  22. The Only Homes We Have
  23. Small Comforts
  24. Honorable Bearing
  25. Clan Mullan
  26. Stubborn as a Doyle
  27. The Fate of the Doyles
  28. Firebeard Bellows
  29. The Fighting Spirit
  30. The Scent of Battle
  31. The Loyalty of Clan Mullan
  32. Death Worthy of a Dragonmaw
  33. Anything We Can Get
  34. Somethin' for the Boys
  35. Personal Request
  36. Dropping the Hammer
  37. The Lost Brother
  38. They Took Me Pants!
  39. Dunwalds Don't Die
  40. While Meeting The Family
  41. Sifting Through The Wreckage
  42. Donnelly Dunwald
  43. Eoin Dunwald
  44. Cayden Dunwald
  45. Finding Beak
  46. Anything But Water
  47. Once More Into The Fire
  48. A Steady Supply
  49. Home Again
  50. Doing It Like a Dunwald
  51. The Crucible of Carnage: The Bloodeye Bruiser!
  52. The Crucible of Carnage: The Bloodeye Bruiser!
  53. The Crucible of Carnage: The Bloodeye Bruiser!
  54. The Crucible of Carnage: The Deadly Dragonmaw!
  55. The Crucible of Carnage: Calder's Creation!
  56. The Crucible of Carnage: The Earl of Evisceration!
  57. The Crucible of Carnage: The Twilight Terror!
  58. Dragonmaw Takedown
  59. Fight Like a Wildhammer
  60. Never Leave a Dinner Behind
  61. A Vision of Twilight
  62. We All Must Sacrifice
  63. The Eyes Have It
  64. Eye Spy
  65. Tempered in Elemental Flame
  66. Hot Stuff
  67. Potential Energy
  68. Tear Them From the Sky!
  69. Last Stand at Thundermar
  70. Narkrall, The Drake-Tamer
  71. The Kirthaven Summit
  72. The Bachelor
  73. Rescue at Glopgut's Hollow
  74. Ogre Bashin'
  75. Find Fanny
  76. The Bachelorette
  77. Something Bold
  78. Something Brewed
  79. Something Stolen
  80. Something Stewed
  81. Words and Music By...
  82. Wild, Wild, Wildhammer Wedding
  83. Torn Ground
  84. Pushing Back
  85. Unbroken
  86. Simple Solutions
  87. Mercy for the Bound
  88. The Maw of Iso'rath
  89. Devoured
  90. The Worldbreaker
  91. The Terrors of Iso'rath
  92. Nightmare
  93. Warm Welcome
  94. Even Dragons Bleed
  95. Draconic Mending
  96. Life from Death
  97. In Defense of the Redoubt
  98. Encroaching Twilight
  99. Far from the Nest
  100. Breach in the Defenses
  101. Mathias' Command
  102. Easy Pickings
  103. Precious Goods
  104. Paving the Way
  105. If The Key Fits
  106. Pressing Forward
  107. Enter the Dragon Queen
  108. Battle of Life and Death
  109. And the Sky Streaked Red
  110. Blackout
  111. Shining Through the Dark
  112. Following the Young Home
  113. A Fitting End
  114. Last of Her Kind
  115. Victors' Point
  116. Ogres & Ettins
  117. Call in the Artillery
  118. SI:7 Drop
  119. Move the Mountain
  120. Signal the Attack
  121. Signal the Attack
  122. Signal the Attack
  123. Four Heads are Better than None
  124. Four Heads are Better than None
  125. Up to the Citadel
  126. Just You and Mathias
  127. Just You and Mathias
  128. Dark Assassins
  129. Bring the Hammer Down
  130. Help from the Earthcaller
  131. Portal Overload
  132. Unbinding
  133. Spirit of the Loch
  134. The Elementium Axe
  135. Distract Them for Me
  136. Dragon, Unchained
  137. Fire the Cannon
  138. Coup de Grace
  139. Water of Life
  140. Mr. Goldmine's Wild Ride
  141. A Little on the Side
  142. While We're Here
  143. Rune Ruination
  144. A Fiery Reunion
  145. The Hammer of Twilight
  146. Skullcrusher the Mountain

Narkrall, The Drake-Tamer

Slay Narkrall Rakeclaw. Speak with Colin Thundermar when you're ready.
Narkrall Rakeclaw slain (1)


There's one Dragonmaw among this lot, the one they call "Narkrall: The Drake-Tamer." I don't know where he gets his power over those beasts, but the black terror he rides is as nasty a brute as ever took the skies over the Highlands.

<name>, Narkrall is the fiend who took my father's life and left Thundermar in my hands.

I can't take him on alone, but I've seen what you're capable of, <class>. Maybe together we can end this.

Let me know when you're ready, and we'll fight Narkrall together!



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Narkrall's Leggings Ale Soaked Grips
Furybound Waistplate Staff of Draconic Pacification
Dragonscorn Mace
You will receive:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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