Aces High!

Corastrasza on the upper ring of the Nexus in Coldarra wants you to ride her drake and kill 5 Scalesworn Elites.
Scalesworn Elites Killed (5)


You possess the courage to draw so near to Malygos' lair, mortal? Or is it simply ignorance? Soon we shall know....

I am a seasoned trainer of the graceful drakes of the red dragonflight. My business here is to study the enemy and teach my precious pets the tactics that will be most effective when we face the master of the blues.

To demonstrate your nerve and ability, I will allow you to ride one of my drakes against the enemy's minions.

The opportunity is yours for the asking...



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Assault Hauberk Incursion Vestments
Vest of the Assailant Besieging Breastplate
You will receive: 14 80


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: