Quick Facts

Eye of Azshara


  • Warlord Parjesh – This fierce commander oversees the military might of the naga that have overrun Azsuna in search of the Tidestone of Golgonnath. He is second only to Athissa among the Hatecoil, and commands obedience with an equal measure of fear and respect.
  • Lady Hatecoil – This naga sea witch hails from a long line of Hatecoil nobility, favored by Queen Azshara herself. The waves and the skies heed her call, as she harnesses their power to crush any who would oppose the Hatecoil.
  • King Deepbeard – Sailors tell of a behemoth that strides the ocean floor, surging from the depths to tear vessels apart with his bare hands. They say he wears the intact prow of a ship as a pauldron--as a trophy. Most listeners dismiss these reports as fools' tales, the product of too much grog.
  • Serpentrix – The naga camped at the Eye of Azshara keep a healthy distance from its northern reaches. An ancient scaled beast makes its home in the shallows there, occasionally bursting forth with one if its many snake-like necks to devour nearby prey.
  • Wrath of Azshara – One of Azshara's most loyal handmaidens offered herself willingly to her Queen to serve as the instrument of her vengeance. Summoned by Hatecoil channelers as a last resort after Parjesh's failure, the terrifying Wrath of Azshara exists to wash away all landwalkers who would stand against her.


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