Quick Facts

Broken Shore

Artifact Acquisition: The Legend of The Ashbringer

  • Stage 1 – Sounding the Charge
    Lead the paladins of the Argent Crusade into battle.
  • Stage 2 – Crusaders' March
    Destroy the demon army.
  • Stage 3 – Holy Vengeance
    Destroy Jailer Zerus and save Highlord Tirion Fordring.
  • Stage 4 – The Ashbringer
    Find the Ashbringer within the Lost Temple.
  • Stage 5 – One Final Blessing
    Call upon the power of the Ashbringer to break free from Balnazzar's control.
  • Stage 6 – Balnazzar the Risen
    Defeat Balnazzar.
  • Final Stage – The Fate of the Highlord
    Return to Tirion Fordring.

Artifact Acquisition: The Aldrachi Warblades

  • Stage 1 – Picking Up the Pieces
    Free Allari from her chains.
  • Stage 2 – Their Blood Will Flow
    Cut through the demon hordes and destroy their portals.
  • Stage 3 – A River of Souls
    Two of Caria's lieutenants are performing a dark ritual. They must be stopped.
  • Stage 4 – In the Darkness of the Pit
    Gorgonnash has risen to stop your assault.
  • Stage 5 – Nowhere to Hide
    Use your demonic senses to pickup Caria's trail.
  • Stage 6 – Vengeance for the Illidari
    Caria Felsoul's time has come.
  • Final Stage – Right by Ascension
    Claim the Aldrachi Warblades as your own.


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