Quick Facts

Blackfathom Deeps


  • Ghamoo-Ra – When the Twilight's Hammer cult arrived, its followers roused and imprisoned one of the last peaceful creatures living in Elune's temple. The cult delighted in tormenting the giant turtle for years, flaying its mind and body until it succumbed to madness. Naming the beast Ghamoo-Ra, the cultists attempt to control its savagery in order to protect their lair.
  • Domina – When Lady Sarevess failed to provide magical protection, Domina sacrificed the naga to empower her own dark ritual. Unlike her predecessor, Domina, Mistress of the Dark, has no fear of Aku'mai and hand feeds the beast countless innocents in order to curry favor with the Old Gods.
  • Subjugator Kor'ul – The Twilight Hammer commanded their powerful enforcer, Subjugator Kor'ul, to cleanse the caves of anything not under their control. Gelihast was first to fall under the crushing strength of Kor'ul, who then seized control of the cave dwelling murlocs. Kor'ul left Gelihast's twisted corpse on display as proof of his dominance and now uses the murlocs to hoard the possessions of those who perish in these caves.
  • Guardian of the Deep – Underneath the cursed Moonshrine Ruins, ancient creatures battle for territory. Old Serra'kis was driven from the ruins by The Guardian of the Deep who was seeking new spawning grounds. Now, the Guardian watches over thousands of eggs until they can hatch, and spread throughout the waterways of Azeroth.
  • Twilight Lord Bathiel – The Twilight's Hammer do not tolerate failure, so the first command Twilight Lord Bathiel gave once he assumed control of Blackfathom Deeps was to throw Lord Kelris into the hungry maw of Aku'mai. Now, this elemental ascendant commits the depths of his unfathomable power to raising the beast of the Old Gods and covering the world in black.
  • Aku'mai – Aku'mai, an ancient evil, carries within him a small measure of the Old Gods' power. This three-headed hydra is greatly feared for his mindless savagery and insatiable hunger for living flesh, but the Twilight's Hammer worships him as a divine sign that the Old Gods will soon return.