Quick Facts

The Violet Hold


  • Erekem – The Violet Hold's inmates include the most notorious of Outland's criminals, and Erekem is no exception. The Kirin Tor thwarted his plot to assassinate the Council of Six, but now the blue dragons have recruited this insidious arakkoa to achieve a more ambitious feat: wiping out every mage in Dalaran.
  • Moragg – Cyanigosa has enlisted Moragg to help her annihilate Dalaran's renegade magi. This nightmarish demon once served the Burning Legion, eviscerating Sargeras's enemies with the baleful gaze of his seven eyes. Now he will show Azeroth's heroes that one does not simply walk into the Violet Hold...
  • Ichoron – A foolish apprentice summoned this revenant from the Elemental Plane, only to discover that disgruntled soldiers of the Old Gods make poor pets. Ichoron slew her would-be master and has rotted in the Violet Hold ever since, eager to wreak vengeance on her jailors.
  • Xevozz – Xevozz was an arcane weapons dealer... until the Kirin Tor discovered he was arming the Burning Legion. Now this hardnosed ethereal is executing a three-point business plan: destroy his enemies, escape incarceration, and get back to servicing his biggest client.
  • Lavanthor – Cyanigosa in her cold cunning has unleashed the core hound's inferno. The magi imprisoned Lavanthor to stanch the two-headed terror's thirst for blood, and years of isolation have done nothing to improve its temper.
  • Zuramat the Obliterator – It took one hundred of Dalaran's finest to subdue Zuramat; it took twice as many to clear the carnage from the killing field. The Obliterator's malevolence gives pause even to mad Malygos, who considers the void lord's appetite for magic distasteful. But genocide makes strange bedfellows.
  • Cyanigosa – Malygos chose Cyanigosa to execute his machinations because of her unquestionable loyalty. She did not flinch when her master withdrew into madness; she did not falter when he commandeered Azeroth's ley lines; and she will not fail to eradicate all who defy him.