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The Pledge of Secrecy

Cette quête n'est plus disponible dans le jeu.
If you agree to become a Goblin Engineer, then right-click on the Pledge of Secrecy and speak once more with Nixx Sprocketspring in Gadgetzan.
Promesse écrite de Nixx (1)
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Voeu du secret de Nixx (1)


Goblin engineering is about practical uses for high profit and higher explosive power! Our schemata allow us to make powerful bombs and mighty weaponry; the manual you read covered this.

The manual also covered our ages old oath of secrecy on our schemata. Once you become a goblin engineer, that's that. There is no access to gnome engineering at all.

If you still want to become a goblin engineer, sign this document pledging life-long secrecy and speak with me again. Think about it carefully, <nom>.



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