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Bodyguard for Hire

This quest is no longer available within the game.
Escort the Gizelton Caravan past the Kolkar Centaur village. Talk with Smeed at Scrabblescrew's Camp for your reward.


Escort Gizelton Caravan past Kolkar Centaur Village (1)


Under normal circumstances, Rigger and I would lead our kodo past the Kolkar Centaur. Every now and then we hear the Centaur war drums, and when we hear those we stop. It's not good for business to be dead!

I'll tell you what <class>, if you protect us past the Kolkar village we'll make it worth your while.

It's just a short distance, all you need to do is keep the caravan intact and you can pick up your reward from Smeed Scrabblescrew - he is down the road a bit. We do a little business together.



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