Quick Facts

Missing Treasure!

Ask Ned, Nance Barmy, and Nub Nub about the treasure, then find it.
Ned asked
Nub Nub asked
Nance Barmy asked
Sandy Seaweed-covered Chest found
Missing Treasure found


Which one o' you scurvy dogs dug up me treasure?! Was it you, Ned? I know you was in the Dead Man's Tale when I were talkin' about it! Or maybe it was ol' Nance Barmy, huh? Yer the one what fed me all them drinks in the first place! Oh and don't think I forgot about you, Nub Nub! I ain't trust a hozen as far as I can throw 'em... which I guess is PRETTY FAR, but-- <Several lines are scratched out here.> Someone stole me damn treasure! <Signed with an X.>


You will receive:
Satchel of Plundered Jewels


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: