A Great Idea

Use the Bootlegger Bug Bait to capture a Hazzali Swarmer.


Swarmer Wrangled
Provided item:
Bootlegger Bug Bait


Now that we've got a good pile of fresh chunks, we just tie it to this rope...and now you're ready to go catch me a silithid.

What? Don't give me that look, it's perfectly safe. Well, mostly safe. Okay, you might die painfully. But it'll be easy! Just throw this meat out there, wait for a bug to pounce on it, and then drag 'em back here by the rope!

Go after one of the swarmers. I haven't seen the other ones go for hyenas before, and you should find plenty of swarmers around the edge of the pit.



You will receive:
Bootlegger Bug Bait


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: