Quick Facts



  • Calamir – A being of immense magical power, Calamir was called forth by the ancient exemplars in their howling rage. Imbued with the powers of Fire, Frost, and Arcane, Calamir eradicates those who dare to stand in his way.
  • Levantus – Her abyssal slumber disturbed, Levantus surfaced to find the isles teeming with strange demons. The fel magic seeping into the surrounding waters have left her in an extremely ornery mood.
  • Withered J'im – Cast out from the sanctuary of Suramar, this nightfallen wandered the coastline as his body deteriorated, and his sanity along with it. Just as he was about to lose the last vestiges of personhood, he sensed a radiating energy from a nearby cave. Within, he found a shard of power originating from the Nightwell itself. It sustains and empowers him, but also warps the flow of time and space nearby. It has broken his mind completely. Now, no one enters the cave of Withered J'im. Even fools know better.


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