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Razorfen Downs


  • Tuten'kash – Though blinded during the War of the Spider before his conversion to undeath, Tuten'kash still serves the Scourge as one of its deadliest crypt fiend commanders. Tuten'kash compensates for his blindness by decorating his lair with fine, almost invisible webs that allow him to sense every footstep and the lightest touch, alerting him to send out minions to ambush his hapless prey. Strong vibrations can send him into a disoriented rage, drawing him from his hiding spot deep within Razorfen Downs' recesses.
  • Mordresh Fire Eye – Once an orc shaman sent from Orgrimmar to investigate the strange goings-on in Razorfen Downs, Mordresh was slain and remade into an undead servant of the Scourge. Deeming the elements to be unreliable, the lord of Razorfen Downs empowered Mordresh with blazing fel energies to sear the flesh of the living. In a mockery of his former calling as a spiritual leader, Mordresh utilizes his powers to incite lesser undead into a violent frenzy.
  • Glutton – Living up to his name, this massive abomination has spent much of his time in Razorfen Downs gorging himself on the spoiled corpses of boars and their quilboar masters. The mass of rancid meat within his gut emanates a cloud of noxious fumes and crippling diseases, choking unfortunate adventurers who stray too close.
  • Amnennar the Coldbringer – The lich Amnennar and his forces participated in the Scourge's assault on Mount Hyjal during the Third War. Afterward, the Lich King instructed his servant to remain in Kalimdor and expand the Scourge's influence, and so Amnennar began plans to create a base from which to strike at Orgrimmar and Theramore. To that end, Amnennar has set his sights on recruiting the recently displaced and desperate quilboar people, promising them power over death so they can repel invaders in their lands.