Blood in the Snow

Scenario: Blood in the Snow

  • Stage 1 – The Mountaineers
    Contact the Dark Iron Mountaineers atop Shimmer Ridge and find a way to stop the storm.
  • Stage 2 – Save Scout Stonebeard
    Free Scout Stonebeard from the trolls' roasting spit.
  • Stage 3 – Save Scout Boldbrew
    Slay the trolls trying to cook Scout Boldbrew.
  • Stage 4 – Save Scout Forgefellow
    Slay the trolls about to sacrifice Scout Forgefellow.
  • Stage 5 – The Cold Cave
    Slay the elemental spirit in the ice cave to end the snowstorm.
  • Stage 6 – Victory or Death
    Join Moira's forces, slay the Zandalari leader, and capture the Frostmane village.
  • Final Stage – Bonus Objective
    Complete the Bonus Objective to receive bonus Valor.