Captives at Deatholme

Take Renzithen's Restorative Draught to Deatholme and rescue Apprentice Varnis, Apothecary Enith and Ranger Vedoran. Return to Arcanist Janeda at the Sanctum of the Sun for a reward.
Apothecary Enith Rescued
Apprentice Varnis Rescued
Ranger Vedoran Rescued
Provided item:
Renzithen's Restorative Draught


Ah, yes. One of my finest creations. This draught will break most forms of alchemically induced stupor.

Side effects include confusion, nausea and - in rare cases - temporary blindness. All much preferable to whatever the Scourge plans to do to those prisoners in Deatholme, if you ask me.

Best of luck, brave <class>. You are going to need it.



You will receive: 25 (or 2 97 if completed at level 110)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: