Windrunner Village

Gather 6 Phantasmal Substance and 4 Gargoyle Fragments. Return them to Arcanist Vandril at Tranquillien in the Ghostlands.
Phantasmal Substance (6)
Gargoyle Fragment (4)


<name>, the final battle against the Ghostlands villages is upon you. Windrunner Village to the southwest has been overrun by a large force of the more powerful Scourge shocktroopers; shades and gargoyles. You will be the spearpoint of our offensive by thinning out their numbers.

The magisters at the nearby Sanctum of the Sun have made a special request this time; they want the remains from these Scourge to study in hopes of finding creative ways of fighting them.

Good hunting!




You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Arcanist's Dagger Salvaged Plate Leggings
Padded Running Shoes Arcanist's Wand
Relinked Chain Boots
You will receive: 13 (or 1 68 if completed at level 110)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: