Ring of the Gathering Storm

Bring 1 Qiraji Magisterial Ring, 2 Vermillion Idols, 5 Silver Scarabs and 5 Bone Scarabs to Windcaller Yessendra in Silithus. You must also attain Honored reputation with Cenarion Circle to complete this quest.
Qiraji Magisterial Ring
Vermillion Idol (2)
Silver Scarab (5)
Bone Scarab (5)
Cenarion Circle (Honored)


The rings worn by the Qiraji lieutenants are rumored to grant them formidable abilities. The corrupted gems that adorn them could, in theory, be swapped out with more pure materials to create uncorrupted versions of the rings.

The gems that adorn Qiraji idols would work quite well, as their quality is superior.

Bring me the ring and idols and I'll create a powerful ring for you, <class>.




You will receive: (or 5 67 if completed at level 110)
Ring of the Gathering Storm


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: