Catch and Carry

Use the Grain Catching Sack to catch 20 Sacks of Grain being thrown down by the Granary Vandals at the Imperial Granary.

You will drop all your carried grain if you mount or get hurt.


Sacks of Grain placed in wagon (20)
Provided item:
Grain Catching Sack


Oh my! Grandpa used to tell me stories of the famous Lin family noodle shop.

It is sad that the scroll has been warped, but I think we can work together to solve the riddle!

To start, we're going to need lots of grain to make noodles.

Head down to the granary and catch some grain with this sack. After you've caught some, drop it off at the wagon I've placed at the granary.



You will learn:
Noodle Cart Kit
You will also receive: 11 40


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 13,690 experience