Beasts of Fable

Defeat the Elite Battle Pets of the Pandaren fables.
Defeat Ka'wi the Gorger
Defeat Gorespine
Defeat No-No
Defeat Greyhoof
Defeat Lucky Yi
Defeat Ti'un the Wanderer
Defeat Kafi
Defeat Dos-Ryga
Defeat Nitun
Defeat Skitterer Xi'a


Have you ever read the great Pandaren book of fables? Pandaren pass these stories on to their cubs - stories of the cricket and the hawk, or the slow-moving turtle - to teach them lessons that they will find useful in life. What few cubs know is that these creatures exist, here, in Pandaria! Though the stories of their travels are made up, they are powerful denizens of this world. Should you happen upon them in your travels, you may test the might of your pets against their storied statures.



You will receive: 19 40
Red Panda


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 80 experience