Securing A Future

Defeat the Thunder King within the Pinnacle of Storms and use the Staff of Antonidas to drain the remaining power from his dais.
Staff of Antonidas charged
Storm-Stave of Antonidas
Provided item:
Staff of Antonidas


It is rumored that the Thunder King's power comes directly from a hidden source within his palace.

Even when he is defeated a new tyrant, Garrosh perhaps, could still use this magic to a terrible end.

That is unless we make the first move!

Take my staff into the Pinnacle of Storms. Once Lei Shen has been defeated place my staff in the center of his dais.

We will drain the rest of his power and make sure it stays in our hands.




You will receive: 11 40
Glorious Standard of the Kirin Tor Offensive


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: