Let's See What You've Got, Zanzil

Offer Jasper's Jungle Cooler to Gmurgl, Orgus, and Captain Bartholomew Softbeard.
Gmurgl tested
Orgus tested
Captain Bartholomew Softbeard tested
Provided item:
Jasper's Jungle Cooler


Visitors to Hardwrench Hideaway sign a number of waivers upon arrival, one of which allows us to perform basic tests on them. I'd say it's about time we invoked that clause again.

Actually, let's avoid poisoning our customers this time. Better for business.

<Jasper fills a pitcher with Zanzil's Mixture and some crushed ice.>

The Hideaway's southeastern tower serves as a temporary jail. "Hardwrench Hoosegow," we call it. Anyways, give the prisoners a drink and tell me what happens.



You will receive: 22 (or 2 46 if completed at level 110)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: