A Cleansing Song

Soo-nee, at the Rainspeaker Canopy, wants you to play the Cleansing Chime at Bittertide Lake, Wintergrasp River and River's Heart and slay the evil spirits that plague the waters there.
Spirit of Atha slain
Spirit of Ha-Khalan slain
Spirit of Koosu slain
Provided item:
Chime of Cleansing


Earth in Sholazar is pure. The pillars have protected the land for centuries.

Water, not as pure, it comes from outside Sholazar.... from oceans, from lakes, from rivers. Water sometimes bring bad spirits - need to be cleansed.

You take this chime and play at Bittertide Lake, Wintergrasp River and River's Heart. It make bad spirit angry... and then you must kill it.



You will receive: 7 40


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: