Lambs To The Slaughter

Baron Rivendare at the Crypt of Remembrance has commanded you to slay 10 Scarlet Crusade Soldiers and 15 Citizens of New Avalon.


Scarlet Crusade Soldier slain  (10)


Citizen of New Avalon slain  (15)


Most humans would have fled the moment a Scourge necropolis took up residence in their air space. Not the Scarlet Crusade!

I must confess - I rather enjoy our exchanges with the Crusade. Through the years, Scourge battles against them have resulted in several of the most tragic events in human history. Yet here we stand - AGAIN - locked in battle!

We shan't deny them the pleasures of eternal servitude to the Lich King! Enter New Avalon and fulfill their death wish. Leave no survivors.



You will receive: 85 (or 7 86 if completed at level 110)
Greaves of the Slaughter


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 13,110 experience