The Bladespire Threat

Slay any 30 Bladespire Ogres and 10 Bladespire Raptors at Bladespire Hold and the Bladespire Grounds.


Bladespire Ogres killed  (30)
Bladespire Raptor slain (10)


There is a threat to Thunderlord Stronghold worse than the Alliance at Sylvanaar.

I speak of the ogres of these mountains. Just to the west, down in the ravine, lies the Bladespire clan. While they aren't the only ogres, they are the closest and they're the ones that we defeated to take this place.

Head north through the Jagged Ridge, and then down the path, which leads to their hold. Slay as many of the Bladespire ogres and their raptors as you can at Bladespire Hold and the Bladespire Grounds.



You will receive: 7 (or 7 71 if completed at level 110)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 12,840 experience